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Ian isn’t wired the same way normal people are.

His analytical mind works overtime, and his attention to technical detail is at the same time both exacting and creative. The syntheses between the scientific and artistic facets of his character lead him to produce brilliant precision mixes that permeate the listeners mind.

His technical brilliance soon earned him the moniker ‘the dj’s dj’ and as his reputation grew so too did demand for him to play.

His almost obsessive attention to

technical detail is what got him his first break when he was still in his teens. In 1992, a friend played one of his mix tapes on to Sasha one night in a car, and he was instantly picked up by Sasha’s manager. Within months Ian was offered a residency playing alongside Sasha at the UK’s first superclub – Renaissance.

Ian was quickly catapulted into a globe trotting life on the road -

playing alongside some of the most creative talent at some of the best clubs in the world at the time…including headline slots at Zouk (Singapore), Hradhouse (Hungary), the legendary Hacienda in Manchester and the Dome with Ministry of Sound on millennium new years eve, and of course many amazing tours and gigs in Asia, Australia, US and Europe with Renaissance.

With regular slots alongside legends like Paul Oakenfold, Dave Seaman, Sasha & Digweed, Mike Pickering and David Morales,

Ian carved out his own niche as a pioneering ‘progressive house’ dj. Finding that the definition of this genre has changed too much for him to continue pinning his flag to the ‘progressive’ banner, Ian describes his current sound as “a mixture of deep house, techno and progressive house”, although his preference is still for driving beats, rolling basslines, and intricate melodies.

Since becoming a professional dj,

Ian’s geek like genius has driven him to remain at the cutting edge of technology – which has, in turn, opened up new creative possibilities. He remains fiercely loyal to the ethics of true mixing which helps him to push the limits of digital technology, but at the heart of it all still upholds the most fundamental and unpretentious aspects of djing – simply playing the right tunes in the right sequence… and feeling, understanding and responding to a crowd in a way that unites them and lifts them to heady heights.

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